Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blue Sky Scrubs: the Trendy, Savvy Look at Work

Wearing nursing uniforms in the OJT I had in the past is a privilege because of the chance to help in the betterment of an individual’s health. In effect, I learn to find joy in being of service to others. I was able to learn many lessons from different people whom I think, in return, had greater understanding of workers in healthcare.

Though I love what I’m doing, the feeling was contrary towards what I’m wearing—in terms of the design. I felt like I was out of fashion that I wished I had custom scrubs made by Blue Sky Scrubs. What I wore was no different than the men uniform—the top and the pants have a straight cut all the way down—almost like a box. In Blue Sky Scrubs, women can choose between Original and Simple Scrub; both are designers scrubs made to a slimming fit out of high quality fabric. I prefer the Original because of its fashionable stitching of back pockets of the pants and the sole pocket of the top. While providing care, women can feel even more feminineness render by the customize uniform.

Searching online for medical uniform store is a must as a preparation for people entering the medical profession, not just for women but also to men. Having a professional appearance is a good start in building camaraderie with the client. If I have to be a health worker and wear a nursing uniform again, I’ll be more responsible and fashionable.

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