Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nuffnang Ads Bringing in Earnings in Pesos

It’s a hard habit to break. I’m turning into a midnight owl. Early this morning (yet it is still dark and the sun hasn’t risen) I had a surprise, a good news to start the day. (But I haven’t ended it with a good night sleep.) Confusing? Allow me to give enlightenment.

Pass 24:00 I opened my Nuffnang account. And there it is—my earnings in pesos has gone from 0 to a small amount that could buy me a small taho with arnibal (sugar syrup) and sago, best served by manong (peddler man) in the morning. This is the first time I’ve earned in Philippine currency. All of my online earnings are in dollars because opportunities frequently come from America. It’s hard to find an online job or opportunity offered by Filipino employers. Whenever I reach payout, I always check the current foreign exchange rates. This time around, it’s unnecessary.

A few weeks ago, I also had the same surprise when I open my Amazon affiliate account in wee hours, a period that I’d like to think brings a good luck (but not in my health). I really have to set boundaries or curfew for my online activities—no more Internet after midnight or else I’ll turn into a ragged, barefooted Cinderella. Quite ambitious! Ragged damsel alone sufficed.
Because of the post I’ve written this year, I’m having steady, though, not-so-high traffic and since then Nuffnang ads are showing up in my blog.

My sister suggested to keep on blogging and she somehow think of using her Nuffnang ads in a blog that she wanted to start since last year. Without being told, I’ll definitely do so plus acquainting myself with the terms (eg CPC, buffered). Another good news: Blogvertise approved my blog after two weeks; I’m still waiting for opps.

To end this post, I’ll recap my goals: avoid staying up late, continue writing—and reward myself with sweet, nutritious taho.

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Badet said...

Blogging really is a good source of income. Goodluck!

FBT UBT Galore said...

got my first income from nuffnang last month.its small but thats alright. have you been getting ads from nuffnang this past few weeks? ads were not appearing in my blog since i got paid...

Kelvin said...

Are u a glitterati member?

Kelvin said...

Can glitterati status of nuffnang cancel if put amazon's links?

Caerol said...

I'm not yet a glitterati member, though I'm hoping. And about the integration of Amazon, I have to look more info about it because I'm not sure if nuffnang members are not allowed to put Amazon link on the site alongside nuff ads.

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