Thursday, November 25, 2010

P3 and Q6i: Cherry Mobile Phones on Sale for 5 days

Five more days before December begins and what is the good way to spend (cash) the remaining days of November than getting discounts on gadgets like Cherry Mobile Phones.

P3 and Q6i will be on sale from November 26-30, 2010, so if you’ve been wishing to have any of these phones, starting tomorrow is the best time to buy them on Cherry Mobile dealers and stores nationwide.

Within five days you can own P3 Cherry Mobile for Php 999, the same price as P1. Both are known as affordable, colorful phones in the Philippines, yet the former has more to boast of than the latter.

  • Dual Band (GSM 900/1800)
  •  1.37” CSTN Colored LCD
  •  Single SIM
  •  FM Radio
  •  Flashlight
  •  STK
  •  Alarm/Timer
  •  Calendar
  •  Calculator
I suppose the plus factors of P3 over P1 aside from its much trendy look are the addition of flashlight and FM radio—making it possible, especially for Filipino teenagers on a budget to listen to the songs of Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, of course, only during break hours in school.

P3 with such affordable price is qualified as cheap Cherry Mobile phones under Php 1,000 but only for 5 days, beyond it will cost you Php 1,290 to own a unique, trendy cellphone.

But if your budget is only a thousand bill and its impossible for you to avail the rebates in such limited time, you can still listen to the radio, (hum, or sing along in your mind if your too shy to sing in public), send text messages, and more through 1202i, which by the way lack the vivid colors one can only find on P1 and the rest of its family.

Can’t decide which one to pick? Read the following reviews of P3 Cherry Mobile:
  1. Badudets
  2. The Philippine Star
Too much of Ps, so let’s head on to a higher alphanumeric name of Cherry Mobile phone available in the Philippines.

Q6i is a TV and QWERTY phone available in the same date for Php 2,490, with the inclusion of 1 colorful back cover for free.  It’s pricey compare to P3 yet you can benefit more with its features found lacking in P3.

cheap tv and qwerty phone in the Philippines
  • Analog TV with Recording
  •  Qwerty Keypad
  •  Dual Camera with 2.0 MP Main
  •  Dual SIM/Dual Standby
  •  Slim form factor
  •  Multimedia Player
  •  3.5mm Headset Compatible
  •  FM Radio
  •  MMS / WAP / GPRS
  •  JAVA / Built in Games
  •  Bluetooth
  •  Micro SD up to 8GB
Make up your mind before the sale ends!

It always paid off to wait for a cell phone to be on-sale, but don’t get too excited in spending as everyone knows December is equivalent to gift giving. Have you bought gifts for all of your “inaanak,” friends, and family?

If you need extra cash, go online and start writing reviews or articles (or do both); this method has become my lifesaver each Christmas since last year.

I don’t have to worry anymore but I have to brace myself as I jostle my way on congested malls full of shoppers to scour, what else—discounted items/gifts.

Good luck with your hunting for gadgets and gifts with rebates—and earning cash on the Internet.

More Cherry Mobile Phones:

Q7i - QWERTY and TV phone
M30, T85, Q77 - QWERTY and TV phone
M33 - dual SIM and TV phone
D36 - dual SIM
D12 - dual SIM with FM radio
1202i - single SIM with FM radio
P1 - single SIM

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