Tuesday, January 25, 2011

NBI Clearance Renewal at Victory Central Mall

Local news about the country has long been the immense reason for me not to watch TV—well it’s all because of the bad news which always outnumbered the good ones. Still, Ido benefit in occasionally watching local TV news because of the information I learn, for example, on how to go about NBI clearance renewal. Instead of going to the old office at Sta. Cruz, Carriedo (like what a friend did), I went straight to the new office at Victory Central Mall (address: #717 Old Victory Liner Cmpd. Rizal Ave. Monumento, Caloocan City, telephone no: 351-4149/351-0619). To get there, the fastest and perhaps the cheapest is through LRT; you have to get off at Monumento Station. Across the street is the mall beside Victory Liner.

I first set foot on this mall because I have to renew my old NBI clearance.  I strolled like a window shopper, glancing in different stores while searching for any sign of the whereabouts of the NBI satellite office. Luckily, I saw a sign that somewhat points me to 5th floor. And in every floor, I see the similar sign, so you don’t have to worry about wasting time and getting lost.

The long queue of people startled and frightened me most. (I dread and hate waiting in line but I still quietly and patiently do so.) It’s a false alarm anyhow, if renewal is your purpose; otherwise, you have to bear with it if you’re a first timer. As for me I went to a series of steps (including the payment of Php 115.00 (see the complete price list and procedure) quite fast like when I claimed my Philhealth ID Card. In no time, I had my NBI clearance printed at once. I was so happy, then exasperated, because my middle name was misspelled.

Warning: check first all the information before leaving. Don’t get too excited yet.

The same staff had it corrected and I received my error-free, new NBI clearance without extra charge. (Better be because it wasn’t my fault anyway.) Beside the exit is the kiosk for those who have NBI clearance renewal card (CRC), a supposed ticket for a hassle-freee renewal of clearance. If you can manage, for the sake of the clearance to be an early bird, even for a single day, I think you don’t need this card because there are many booths manned by quick staff. Just choose the one with the shortest queue. The huge signs hanging on the ceiling will guide you where to go.

This experience spares a friend of mine in going to the old satellite office. May it do the same to you because that would, indeed, sound like good news for someone like me who longs for a pleasant occurrence.

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elmo said...

Applying for NBI clearance for the first time is pain in the a$$. Got there around 10am and finished the whole process at around 1pm. The BS part is i'll have to wait for 5 days before the paper was released. Well, thats the way our taxes is working for us... =(

Caerol said...

I want to reiterate that it really pays to be there early, if possible as soon as the Victory Mall opens.

Five days of waiting for an NBI clearance seems too long. Can you give more info about this scenario? From the NBI website I've read that it will take only 2 days, that is, if you have "hit" or simply means you have a namesake.

From 2 to 5? I'm not really sure about this. Let's just hope that the service improves, at least, bit by bit.

Otli said...

There are lot of fixers there so don't be trick by them..

Caerol said...

I haven't seen or suspect someone of being a fixer while I'm renewing my clearance (may be I'm not observing well). Still, it is best to take the advice of Otli.

By doing so, we can help eliminate the practice of dealing with fixers and the risk of being scammed.

Anonymous said...

my middle name was misspelled?so you can ask for same staff (to correct middle name in my nbi clearance)?

Caerol said...


In my case, the same staff had it changed--though probably disappointed that she made a mistake--and that I, too, wasn't able to notice it much earlier.

I'm not sure if this is also the same procedure in other NBI offices.

So like what I said before, check not once nor twice. Don't leave till you're 100 percent sure. (You don't want to spoil the bliss of successfully renewing your NBI clearance.)

Silver said...

I share feeling guys... I had one of the worst experience too.. Here is my story:


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