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2 Digital Camera Must-Haves: Eneloop Rechargeable Battery and Sanyo Battery Charger

When I bought an affordable digital camera in a mall in the Philippines, I thought I save much. The excitement and the lack of knowledge made me spent more later on. Peripherals were not included with the purchase: memory card and rechargeable battery and its charger. After several trials, I found and can vouch my camera must-haves so you can avoid unwise spending. Unlike the SD card that lasted only few months and cannot be read anymore by my digicam, I’m confident with my 4GB Transcend SD memory card; it is a bit pricey yet comes with high quality.

Sanyo AA and AAA battery charger
The Sanyo package bought at Cyberzone.
Two eneloop are included but were not seen
as I was using the batteries in taking this photo.

The Dynamic Duo

I know you can think of other reliable memory cards, but the next thing I recommend is really a must-have if you’re planning to buy a digital camera: Sanyo Quick Charger (Ni-MH/Ni-Cd). I bought it at a high price of more than Php 1,000 in Cyberzone at SM Annex, North Edsa. It’s a reasonable price because the charger comes with two AA eneloop rechargeable batteries. You can buy them separately but I suggest purchasing them as a package so as to save more.

My money didn’t go to waste, that I’m well sure of; it is a good investment for a photographer, professional or amateur, or what I prefer to call myself, the tinkering photo enthusiast/shutterbug.

With Sanyo Quick Charger (NC-MQR02N), you can charge AA and AAA rechargeable batteries at the same time. It has a led indicator and a foldable plug.  The furthest left and right charging slots are for quick charging—the plus factor I didn’t find in other Ni-MH/Ni-Cd battery chargers.

Many times before, I was interrupted in photo taking galore; every time the “replace battery” message appears in the LCD, soon after, the camera dies. Today, eneloop rechargeable battery allows me to take more photos for a long period. If you need to take photos and you don’t have much time to charge use the quick charge mode. Otherwise, I suggest for a long picture taking charge the eneloop in the second and third slot.

(NC-MQR02N) Ni-MH/Ni-Cd charger
Front view of the Sanyo AA/AAA Batter Charger (left). Guide and foldable plug are seen in the back (right). 

Take More Photos

For maintenance, avoid the cycle of using then recharging the battery—and most importantly—don’t forget to drain it as well. Even if the camera wouldn’t turn on, it doesn’t mean the battery has no power left. It has but not just enough for the camera’s consumption. I use an old walkman (it’s still working perfectly) to drain the remaining power.

Just a rewind, if you want to listen to an album probably a decade ago, you can sing along to your fave singer through a cassette tape. With eneloop, I not only take photos, I can listen to the top songs on the radio or put in the tapes (bought less than half the original price before the reign of CD, MP3, or MP4) of an artist from a not so distance past.

Thereafter, I charge the drained battery for more than an hour, the fastest time compare to my old, unreliable charger which is now stashed in the drawer.  

And if the charged power source by Sanyo is not in used, you can just take it out of the camera and the energy wouldn’t drain, even for a long period, another noteworthy advantage.

Two eneloop AA (HR-3UTG). Photo credit:

More Power by Sanyo

I’m planning of having two more eneloop batteries (product code: HR-3UTG 1.2V) or if possible the limited edition 8-color “eneloop glitter” rechargeable battery, a great idea so as to avoid confusion which one is already used. I, as well, await to use XX powered by eneloop Technology, the latest battery of Sanyo.

I’m not sure where you can buy them other than at Cyberzone so don’t lose your energy yet in reading my post; take your time to share one’s opinion or information on where you bought yours.

Further reading on how to use and store the Sanyo Duo.  

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