Wednesday, November 17, 2010

D12, Another Economical Dual SIM Phone by Cherry Mobile

It’s raining cellphone sales! Just last week cherry mobile had a 3-day sale of D36 and this week from November 19-21, 2010 another dual SIM phone, yet cheaper, is available nationwide—for only Php 999, D12 can be yours. With this rebate, I can add D12 to the list of cheap cherry mobile phones worth less than a thousand pesos.

  • Dual Sim/Dual Standby
  •  Multimedia Player/MP3
  •  Micro SD up to 2GB
  •  FM Radio
  •  Calendar
  •  Alarm
Only two more days to go and you can own the most affordable dual SIM phone in the Philippines.

I hope you don’t mind if I squeeze in an irrelevant topic—I just have to—and you’ll like it anyway (I suppose).  Tomorrow November 18 “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows” is coming in theaters. Yehey!

This week is full of surprises and good news. I’m writing reviews again for Reviewstream, and this early morning a review about hardware is accepted and earned $2.50, an amount that if I keep on receiving will surely help me reach the payout by the end of the month. (Another yehey!)

Rebates, earning online, and magic, who doesn’t want them?

Have a nice week everyone.

More Cherry Mobile Phones:

Q7i - QWERTY and TV phone
M30, T85, Q77 - QWERTY and TV phone
M33 - dual SIM and TV phone
D36 - dual SIM
1202i - single SIM with FM radio
P1 - single SIM

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avatarlady said...

Thanks for this update and I hope you do reach the minimum payout on reviewstream this month... that site is so unpredictable and unprofessional. Btw, I added you on my blogroll as requested. Check it out. =)

Caerol said...

I'm afraid it will take time for me to reach the payout, but I'm half way though. I agree that Reviewstream is unpredictable but it will save you time and trouble by learning tips and tricks before writing for Reviewstream.

I'm waiting right now if there will be an increase in payout like last year. That's quite a holiday gift, if there is.

And thanks for adding me up. I'll keep on visiting and hopefully earn bucks from legit sites.

joseph said...

I bought this D12 last week on their last-day sale in Megamall. It's actually a bundle promo, like a "buy one, take one" promo. Mine is colored black while the other one is colored purple on the keypad and I am going to give this to my mom as a birthday gift.


Caerol said...


Thanks for describing D12. And for becoming a generous son to your mom, who seems to have a penchant in gadgets too, I congratulate you.

Anonymous said...

i'm going to buy a new phone this summer, int time for the cherry mobile festival promo, and i really want d12, but i i want to know if it has a longer battery life than P1, if it has send to many feature, if it has a call conference feature and if it has some unwanted alarm that cannot be turned off (like the alarm for the unsent message).. i'm really looking forward to your answer.. :)

Caerol said...


I really wish I can answer all of your questions but unfortunately I can't do so. However, you can probably be enlightened by Cherry Mobile in its facebook account on which a lot of people are also eager to learn more of the products.

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