Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First Tax Liens HQ Proof of Payment

proof of payment by Tax Liens HQ

Not from me. I’m only here to show that Tax Liens HQ does pay their members, and one of them is my sister who is a data miner for roughly two months. Her hard work paid off as she received her first payment sent to her Paypal account less than a day after requesting.

Right now she’s still busy on her niche blogs and tax liens; as a result, she somehow lost interest in updating her personal blog, so I’m taking the responsibility to reveal such prospect and its proof.

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Silvergirl said...

got an account there, but i dunno how to work :(

Kasai said...

wow! how many months does it take you to accumulate that earnings?

Caerol said...

@ Silvergirl
If my sister finds time to teach, I'll definitely post it here. But for now, like what my sister said, the forum and videos are the best primer as a data miner, newbie and specialist.

It's roughly two months before my sister reach such payment. But now that she has learned the tricks, a month will do.

Patience and courage are what you need to get started. It can be scary at first, but you'll get the hang of it.

Anonymous said...

Can't register on its forum - got an error page after click "I agree to these terms"
Can registered member post & inform the admin? I emailed but no reply & problem unsolved.

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