Tuesday, October 12, 2010

1st Anniversary of Clumsy Fancy

On this same date, a year ago, I published the first post of Clumsy Fancy in just a few minutes. The ease of use of Blogger made the task of having a personal online diary less frightening.

Several months before becoming a blogger, the idea of having a space for myself on the web lingers in my mind. By the time I already decided to have one, coming up with a name for my blog has preoccupied my thoughts. What word or words can best describe my personality that would reflect on my blog? The list grew. Reject some then add another. It’s a bit tiring—for my head—that I ask, “Can’t I come up with a simple name so as I can move on to writing which is easier than naming things?" A rhyme ended my search--Clumsy Fancy; two words that can describe my blog in so many ways.

In Clumsy Fancy I can write about anything my clumsy thought (also means fancy) can come up with. Since from the time I wrote the first post, it’s been a routine for me to think about the next topic for the succeeding days. I didn’t know that I could get used to blogging that I think I found a new hobby—or more like a new passion.

Though it’s a personal diary, I don’t want to be too personal; I’m still secretive even online. Instead, I allot the space for ways to help people make money online, especially through online writing on which I first ventured and got paid in dollars. Frugality is also part of my personality that I passed on to CF, so occasionally I write about events on which one can save a lot. The effects of global warming are felt worldwide, and I believe that everyone can be part of the solution. To participate, my first initiative is to write anything about Go Green and of course to walk the talk.

What happened to “my personal diary?” It’s still there which I like to call as “Trivial Fragments of Fancy.” Because of varied topics and interacting with other bloggers, within a year, I’ve made friends and learned more things not only because of researching but also through numerous bloggers.

Well, what else can I hope for CF than to have more anniversaries to come!

For those who visit my blog, thanks for giving some of your precious time. And the same goes to the sincere and uplifting comments. Keep them coming!

Kudos to us all!

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RiA GeSiLvA said...

I have an Award for you :)

Lisa Gayagay said...

HI, you got a cute blog here with plenty of useful things for all types of people.

Caerol said...

I'm glad that people appreciate my humble space in the Internet. First an award from Ria then a moving remark from Lisa.

I'll remember these encouraging words to inspire me in improving Clumsy Fancy further.

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