Saturday, January 29, 2011

Millionaires Game, the Old, Fun Toy for Filipino Kids

Tiring as it seems, Cleaning isn’t just about throwing away the trash. It also opens an opportunity to unearth a once-treasured possession of mine when I was just a child who loves cleaning as much as playing—the Millionaires Game, which has spent most of its years in a box, once again brought out in the open when one afternoon I went to the stock room to see the condition of my old, forgotten toys.

old millionaires game

It seems like it is in good condition though you can tell a child has outgrown it. The board is sturdy but has several yellow stains. The paper money, I’m not sure if it’s still complete, has few folds on the sides. And the small houses are still wonderful to look at, that I recall how much careful I was in holding it back then, as though I wouldn’t want to break the peewee abode (actually it is made of plastic). During further examination of the box, I’m happy to discover some pieces are still complete: 5 tokens and 2 dice.

tokens and dice for a board game
Tokens, dice, and play money: 500, 100, 50, 20, 5, and 1.

Everything is set. I wanted to play this board game again with my sister and younger cousins, but the problem is I forgot the rules and so is my sister. By looking at the game, I can recall some rules but it isn’t of great help.

So I head on the Internet, and found the rules thanks to day-dreamers-corner. I’m in luck because he has considered writing about Millionaires Game by Mabuhay Educational Center, Inc. I printed, read the rules, and I’m so eager to play it again, I think, after probably a decade, or more. That’s too long. I think it’s the benefits of being organized, or a hoarder, or having mild OC, or altogether.

board game from Philippines

I’ll take care of it all the more; I don’t think I can give it away unlike the Stairway to Heaven (similar to Snake and Ladder) handed down to my relatives from the province. They are probably spending their afternoon on weekends playing with the board game, a diversion that kids today have forgotten because of PSP, cellphones, Farmville, and other computer games.

Parents have a vital role in encouraging the young ones and not letting board game pass into oblivion, and the best way to do so is to play with them. Together, other than fun, the benefits are numerous, and enduring:
  1. Strengthening the family bond. Family can spend time together while playing.
  2. Young ones can learn to mingle with others and learn the importance of honesty.
  3. It is cheap and can last for so long if you know how to take care, especially the smaller pieces that one can easily lost.
  4. No electrical consumption. It’s a diversion teaching us to go green–and still have fun, fun, fun.
  5. You can hand it down to siblings, cousins, or donate it to a children organization.
Many board games are available in the Philippines and on the Internet. These are great gift for birthday and holiday. May Millionaires Game, along with the new generation of affordable, and non-techie toys, finds its way to the heart of juvenile and even to the young at heart.

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JOSH said...

Hi, I'm from the Daydreamer's blog. Just read your comment and thanks for that.

Nice article about the Millionaires game. And your blog is very nice! I haven't check all of it but it seems you're covering any Filipino stuffs here. That's nice! I'll be looking forward for stuffs you share here.

Again, Thank you very much!

Caerol said...

That's quite oodles of compliments Josh. Huge thanks for that.

The topic here in Clumsy Fancy can be just about anything. But most of the time, I write topics that would be helpful for my "kababayan."

Thanks for taking the time to visit Clumsy Fancy.

Anonymous said...

is there a possibility that you can still find it in a toy store? where if you see one?

Caerol said...

@ anonymous
My apology for the very late response. I think you can still find it on toy store. National Bookstore also has one--for a pricey price.

Still it's worth your money. You can play with your kids while teaching them to do the math without them--or you--getting bored.

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