Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Mercury Drug Suki Card

Our family has been a loyal customer of Mercury Drug like many Filipinos for so many years. But among us, my mom frequents the drug store since she does the budgeting in everything. Afterwards she acquired Mercury Drug Suki Card that she let us use in order for to earn points by buying products: medicine or grocery items. For every Php 200 purchase, you can earn 1 point.

We easily earn many points because my mom regularly buys costly medicines, affordable vitamins, and other items. The accumulated points are then use to pay for basic commodities like coffee, ice tea, and noodles. The Suki Card is a great way to save on your grocery in the Philippines. Mercury Drug stores are everywhere in the country, so if you always have your card, you’ll notice the fast accumulation of points presented in the receipt in every purchase.

But it should be use with caution. Because every one in the family can use it, so the possibility of losing it is higher just like what happened when my brother lost the card of my mom. The price of the replacement is only Php 50, an affordable fee for a quick result—my mom didn’t have to go through a lot of process and within a day she have the new Suki Card, thinner  than the one my brother lost. I thought I can hear all good news from my mother about her brand new acquisition—till I asked about the points accumulated on the old card.

Back to zero. It’s all gone. But it wouldn’t be the case if you meet all the conditions specified in the Suki Card guidelines. At least we can start anew. The moral of my story is not to lose the card and be aware of the guidelines to fully take advantage of its benefits. And lastly, don’t forget to hand over the Mercury Drug Suki Card to the cashier in every purchase whether you’re buying single or many items—every point counts.

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Badet said...

My mother also has a Suki card but I'm really not familiar with the points system so I don't use it whenever I purchase at Mercury Drug.

Caerol said...

Why not give it a try!

From the time I used the Suki Card, there's always a reason for me to look at the receipt and feel an iota of delight once I see the card earns another point.

Using it is like a peewee addiction without feeling any guilt.

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