Saturday, December 11, 2010

Application (or Renewal) of Postal ID in the Philippines

Postal ID with 2 years validity
The usage of my Postal ID is till the end of December this year. Time flies fast. I’ve been using it for 5 years (validity period) already. The application and renewal of Postal ID is quite similar. I thought I can save time and pay less in doing the latter, but when I went last week at the post office I found out that something have change though—which disappointed me more—the higher fee.

Without a choice, I have to get a Postal ID regardless of the increase because I can use it in claiming parcel, entering establishments (private or government), and other undertakings that require presentation of identification. But, based in my experience, you cannot use it to get Philippine Passport; fortunately, the SSS ID saved the day. Having said the changes and benefits, I now present details on how to apply for a Postal ID.

  1. Form No. 391 – you can get this (free in my area) in postal offices. Fill up the forms (two copies).
  2. 3 photos (2 x 2) with white background.
  3. Residence certificate no. or cedula.
  4. Barangay Clearance – don’t forget to specify the purpose: securing Postal ID.

How Much Is the Cost of Application/Renewal?

The total cost, according to the post office staff, is Php 300, a fee higher than my college student with a barcode and can be scanned upon entry and it is made of thick plastic. Until now, it is smacked in the drawer and compare to my 5-year-old postal ID, the latter looks older but not tattered.

The fee includes the following expenses:
  1. Postal ID card
  2. lamination 
  3. documentary stamp
  4. notary

With the increase of fee, I look forward of having a sturdier and fine-looking Postal ID card: not made of paper and computerize; since one can use it for five years in different transactions, you want to become credible starting with an identification card.

I’ve learned the process of acquiring such card, yet the French translations of information (e.g. surname and forename) still baffles me. The renewal of Philippine Postal ID is easy for me now unlike the first time on which I have to ask many questions because I didn’t know where to get the requirements.

If I get my new card, in similar appearance with the French words and I thought of the fee, I could say “Better luck next time,” in reference to the changes I, or, we are longing. Nonetheless,  “Merci beaucoup,” for the benefits of having an ID from the post office.

Update (December 16, 2010)

I applied yesterday for a new card and pick it up today. That's a huge improvement. It's thinner yet smaller. However, the favorable changes are overshadowed by a great disappointment: the card is valid for only 2 years. It isn't a big deal if the fee doesn't increase anymore.

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Anonymous said...

sir may i ask po kung yung ID No nyo same lang kpag ni renew nyo ulit postal ID?

Caerol said...


Sa itsura, same lang. Pero yung new postal ID ko, mas lumiit tsaka medyo manipis kumpara s old. Tsaka, mam or miss po ang blogger s clumsy fancy.

Anonymous said...

sir may i ask u that how mcuh time wil take to get a postal id ??

Caerol said...


You can get your postal id the following day. Still, it depends on the postal office of your choice.

Anonymous said...

Bakit sa calinan davao city 495 ang postal fee!???

Anonymous said...

Pwde PO bang mg renew ng postal ID sa makati,kahit sa Quezon city ko sya kinoha?

Caerol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Caerol said...

@anonymous I'm not sure since one of the requirements is to have a certificate/letter signed by the barangay captain stating that you are currently residing in that address for a specified/required period. At least that is the case in Caloocan on which I got my first and renewed my recent postal ID.

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