Friday, December 17, 2010

Hubber in the Making

I made the last venture, so far, in online writing four days ago. After battling many obstacles and alibis, I finally published my first hub on Hubpages. Now I’m a newbie hubber.

The truth is, becoming a hubber is the result of ever-enduring procrastination. I’ve wanted to join long before I became a member of Bukisa and started blogging about my dogs. (I suppose that was a year ago.) But hesitation and other lame excuses get in the way.

Take a risk. Get out of the comfort zone. These thoughts have helped me to move forward and ignore no more the opportunities and the hardships of a hubber. I can bid farewell to 2010, doubts, and what-ifs; and I can welcome 2011 with much expectation.

Publishing a hub is easy. From the Word document, I was able to copy and paste my first hub and add Amazon products. Well, I admit I spend some time because I wasn’t aware of the learning center of Hubpages. When I figure things out, I realize the huge difference of its user-friendly interface than other sites.

What I like about the site is that I can earn via commission of an item bought from Amazon and Ebay. In reality I wouldn’t have the guts to sell something to a person nor persuade them. I don’t have a prowess to convince—till I became a hubber. Whatever items bought via my hubs, I’ll definitely post it here on Clumsy Fancy that has a huge part in my online writing journey.

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avatarlady said...

I think hubpages is better than squidoo. The latter needs one to be html code knowledgeable. It's funny though, I signed up for hubpages months ago, but up to now I haven't made not even one article that I can link to my blogs. I'll be up for it once I can break away from my other money-makers.

Caerol said...

I enjoy not just writing but also making hubs with polls, quizzes, and amazon products; all of these help and challenge me to write better than the last one.

May you be able to manage your time well, and squeeze making your first hub, perhaps, about review of movies, books, or other money-making sites.

By doing so you can test the water in topics you're quite familiar with, so you'll enjoy writing and sprucing up your hub instead of spending a lot of time researching. Just an advice though.

May 2011 be a lucrative year for all of us!

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