Monday, December 20, 2010

Bukisa's Big Change: Good or Bad News?

From pay per view, Bukisa changes to Google Adsense as a form of paying their members. This unexpected news was sent in my inbox on December 12, 2010 and will take effect after January 13, 2011. Within this period, members can still earn based on the number of views with the index of 3.22, if I’m not mistaken. The earnings if not lower than $0.50 will be sent in the Paypal account of the members.

I logged in to check how much I’ve gained for nine months. The earnings is less than two dollars, yet I noticed that it still increase a bit, though I cannot see the statistic anymore for each article—another change that I didn’t bother asking the admin. The effects of Google Adsense to Bukisa members have left many questions in my head:

  1. Is it easier to get a Google Adsense account via Bukisa? 
  2. What will happen to those who haven’t succeeded in getting an Adsense account?
  3. Why Bukisa cannot emulate Triond, that is, incorporating the new system instead of discarding the old one?
People who have written hundreds of articles will have more questions and much baffled with the huge change in Bukisa. But some will definitely felt the impact more such as those who have focus in getting keyword with high traffic, less competition, and low cost per click—the devastating factor of the implementation next year.

Some would definitely have a decrease in their passive income. It’s just my opinion. Probably, some are delighted to rely on Adsense as their means of earning. Though members have a month to adapt with the big time switch, I think it’s still a short notice because securing an Adsense isn’t easy based on my experience.

For now I’m caught in stalemate. My two articles are still getting traffic, though little, each day; there’s still hope—the meager earnings may increase. No matter how little, what is important is to find it in my Paypal account in the specified day. For now, I’ll focus more on the holidays and deal with the matter next year, yet I cannot deny that this colossal shift is an outright bad news.

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Lisa Gayagay said...

I was surprised when I logged in and found no earnings in my bukisa site then I realized that it has changed to google adsense. This is sad because I used to earn a daily income even without writing. Now I am only relying on google and my earnings has slowed down.

Caerol said...

I'm disappointed with the huge shift because I'm planning to focus more getting traffic without worrying with the Adsense cost per click. So now I divert my attention on writing for Hubpages.

As for Bukisa, I'll get back at it later. If the holiday doesn't keep me from blogging, I might post a topic about data entry, another way of earning not relying on Adsense.

With the change to take effect next year, I hope Bukisa members can benefit still, especially with old articles. Competition is much tougher, I bet.

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