Wednesday, December 29, 2010

San Miguel By The Bay, a Post-Christmas Getaway

Bay at the back of SM Mall of Asia
View of sunset from San Miguel by the Bay.
One after the other, visitors, “inaanak,” and relatives came in Christmas Day. It was only in the afternoon I had the chance to go to church and take my turn to visit relatives—especially my beloved, strong grandma. Christmas had me moving all day. I deserve or badly need a rest the next day; instead, my sister dragged me to SM Mall of Asia along with cousins visiting from the province.

How can I resist my sister’s treat? Besides I did sleep for 6 hrs (only because I’m too tired to go online or blog). Off we went to SM Mall of Asia by 3 pm. By the stream of people crossing the street from and to the mall, I can only imagine how many are inside already busy as a bee. People were everywhere. This would be the scenario if people would all on leave from work and the post-Christmas sale in numerous boutiques and department store is also to be blamed as it’s like a nectar attracting the shoppers hovering like a bee.

I hate jostling my way to the crowd. Fortunately, the cute doggies walking side by side their owners provide a pleasant view for my eyes that were getting wearier than my feet in strolling. Later, I dragged my sister to San Miguel by the Bay, just across the mall, to at least take a break from the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping and to hopefully spot more doggies.

I thought I was in Luneta Park or Roxas Boulevard Baywalk because people filled the long stretch of the bay, but the breeze is soothing enough that I’d rather stay there than go back inside the jampacked mall. Even the view is much better. Just in time for sunset, I got hold of the digital camera and take few photos of the fiery sky meeting the overshadowed water and chilling cousins who were enjoying the view as well. The mood is getting well, yet the trash scattered in the breakwater ruined it. Such scene always makes me sad and irate towards my “kababayan.” Filipinos love to have beautiful places in the Philippines, yet unfortunately struggle in the least part of contributing to such cause, that is, discarding one’s trash properly.

oil candle in an alfresco dinner
Oil candle lighting our alfresco dinner.

As the night started to creep in, so is the hunger in my tummy. We decided to eat in the restaurant where my sister dined with her college classmates. The food is great that I forgot to take a photo; instead, I took a photo of the candle which lighted our sumptuous meal and gave a different ambiance. Thanks for Google, my sister was able to treat us in this fancy restaurant. (It’s not that much a formal dining but the pricey meal we had is way too huge if I would foot the bill.) While dining the somewhat pantomimers put a show with their robotic moves on top of the wooden platform. In an instant our alfresco dinner is coupled with entertainment for free.

pantomime outside SM Mall of Asia
The view, breeze, metallic entertainers, and the food make our trip at San Miguel by the Bay unforgettable. But nothing beats the furry four-legged trippers strolling at the bay. They are all adorable wearing their skimpy clothes. One even wore a nappy that seemingly sway with every step made us all laugh, a very pricey moment, indeed. But without anything on, their shaggy well-kept or unkempt coat is enough to catch people’s attention and evoke an honest smile. Unfortunately, I was, again, too amused to take photos. Yet later we spent the night taking more photos.

Luckily, the fountain I mocked earlier because of its plain look, showed off as it turned into a musical dancing fountain. The show is too short and nothing compare to the musical fountain performed in Ocean and Luneta Park. Nonetheless, everyone around the fountain was amazed, and then unfortunately, the little boy who wanted a close look had a quick shower, resulting from the finale of the mischievous fountain. Poor boy! Too amused to even evade the abrupt whooshing water that perhaps served as a revenge for people like me who is quick to judge. Sorry for the harsh words.

The musical dancing fountain show is definitely a perfect way to end our trip at San Miguel by the Bay. Though, I was expecting the fireworks (no-show at that night) as the highlight of our trip, I knew I had more than what the sky colored with pyrotechnics have to offer.

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There are a lot of things to do here now: bungee fun, picture-taking with human statues, playing basketball arcade, trying out the zipline, riding what appears to be a zorb (large balloons that move afloat a small pool) and also the bump cars. :)

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