Friday, December 31, 2010

Tax Liens HQ Provides Data Entry Job

become a data encoder of tax liens
To end blogging for 2010, I decided it is best done by sharing an opportunity to earn online through data entry job in Tax Liens HQ. In a month, I’ve watched my sister worked on this site. I wanted to join but we only have one computer; so being the eldest, I let her earn then I’ll bug her later on to treat me to a movie or restaurant. (She just did at San Miguel By The Bay.) I know there are lots of people who prefers to do data entry as a way to earn online than writing for revenue sharing sites. I, too, belong to that crowd but for now I’m content in informing this chance to others.

So what is Tax Liens HQ? This is not your usual copy-paste job. As a data miner (the term for worker/data encoder), you have to look for federal tax liens and gather the information the site requires; researching, patience, and decision-making are necessary all throughout the process. Sounds daunting or scary? Not quite. My sister is having fun and enjoying the challenge of hunting for liens that she’s doing it almost every day. The payout is $20 which is sent to one’s Paypal account. Referral is another way to earn besides being a data miner.

To succeed in this type of job, you have to take it seriously as one’s work must meet quality. If you want to earn a lot in a short time and if you want to do repetitive task of clicking and typing without much thinking like captcha and ptc, being a data miner is not what you’re looking for. I’ll mention it again that Tax Liens HQ is just an option. Who knows you might like it as much as my sister does.

Keep in mind: sign up as worker. And if you have any question there are videos and discussions in the forum to enlighten you as a newbie and guide till you become a specialist.

May in 2011 there will be more opportunities for us to work online.

Happy New Year to everyone!

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avatarlady said...

I want to join this data-entry job. How? What are the qualifications? I tried to go to the main URL but it's error it says 'not found.' Geez, please help. Thanks.


Caerol said...

May be it's just a holiday glitch. You can try again; go to and register.

Or you can use the link in my post, so you can join my sister's referred members, if you don't mind.

Read first the tips and watch the video before taking the exam; just follow the instruction and you can become a data miner and a blogger.

Good luck!

avatarlady said...

Hi again and happy 2011! I still couldn't join through your sister's ref link. The only things that's accessible is the homepage.

Caerol said...

My sister checked the link and it's working. Anyway, why not sign up from the homepage. I hope this site can help you increase your income in 2011. And I'm looking forward in reading your experience as a data miner in your blog.

Good luck!

LizMoneyWeb said...

Thanks for sharing this earning site. :)

Otli said...

Great timing, I'm actually looking for online data entry job(s). Thanks to your post.

Caerol said...

@ Otli

I'm glad to be of help! You can also read my post, "First Tax Liens HQ Proof of Payment so you can somehow be relieved of not being compensated and focus in working and earning.

Good luck!

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