Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tipsy Tee Totaller

cup of ice tea with vodka
Tea or coffee? Neither. It’s the
concoction of ice tea and "The Bar."
Good bye 2010; Hello 2011. A greeting from a sober me—having no more booze in my system contrary to my state on New Year’s Eve. I went to my cousin’s house next door to have a drink with them, an annual event we didn’t miss every year. Mind you they are not a newbie when it comes to drinking, but they do so with moderation, while I who is a tee totaller all year round except every New Year’s Eve, the only time of the year I allow myself to be a little bit tipsy.

vodka for New Year 2011
Within one hour and a half of drinking the concoction of ice tea (of greater quantity) and “The Bar” (vodka apple) hit me hard on the head that I wanted to sleep in my bed. Instead, I slouched in the sofa. In that instant, they knew I can’t go far and tease me for being too weak. They can tease me all they want because I’m not ashamed for not being able to tolerate a drink with more ice tea in it than alcohol. I’ve stayed a bit munching Marty’s Cracklin and drinking pure ice tea until I felt like my bed is missing me so much. I quickly fell asleep (like I always do) and hope that the headache would be gone along with the last minute of 2010.

Before the clock strikes midnight I was up with only slight pain on my head, yet I moved around the house and greet everyone a Happy New Year! For the rest of the year, I’ll be booze-free citizen. I’ m proud and intend to stay that way because I hate the effect of headache-inducing booze. Nonetheless, the holidays are over; I can go back to blogging in the Year of the Rabbit—2011—not tipsy anymore.

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Hazel said...

I also welcomed the 2011 with the bar! but unlike you, i didn't get drunk haha :) anyway, wish you a great 2011 ;)

xoxo hazel

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