Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cherry Mobile Phones on Sale for One Day Only

Are you hunting for an affordable cellphone with features only high-end one has? You’re in luck because on May 2, 2010 at Cherry Mobile Concept Kiosk/Exhibit G/F Theater Mall, Greenhills there is a one-day sale only of Cherry Mobile phones. So why not allot this day to catch your prey.

How did I find out about the good news though I’m neither a cellphone fanatic nor an employee of Cherry Mobile? A few days ago, I’ve read a newspaper with such advertisement at the back. At first glance, the ad seemed like one of those things people paid to have a spot on the newspaper, but then I thought such information is too important to ignore.

What awaits you on this day? Based on the ad M30, T85, and Q77 possess the following features: dual sim, FM radio, bluetooth, camera, multimedia player, micro SD, and the best of all—the analog TV, a feature that might lessen the irritation of people caught up on a heavy traffic. Amidst similarities, each model has a unique quality: T85 boast its touchscreen and Q77 offers QWERTY keypad.

While I cannot guarantee the quality because I, myself, haven’t owned any brand of Cherry Mobile phones, I think the cut down of the price is a great deal already though the rebate depends on the model you would pick.

The problem is whether there would be enough cellphones for the influx of customer (an assumption since I’ve watched on the news last Christmas the successful similar event). For those interested, good luck. Arm yourself with patience and may you go home with your newly-purchased Cherry Mobile phone.

More Cherry Mobile Phones:

Q7i - QWERTY and TV phone
M33 - dual SIM and TV phone
D36 - dual SIM
1202i - single SIM with FM radio
P1 - single SIM

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