Monday, April 26, 2010

Bukisa Disabled Account—Don’t Panic Yet

For emergency, we have studied one or more drills to prepare ourselves, and much, to avoid panicking whenever, at the time we never know, the dreaded mishap occurs. These are the cases anybody can experience, but for someone involved in writing online the inability to log in, particularly, having a Bukisa disabled account is a mayhem that might cause one to panic. Is there a drill for that? I doubt, however, my experience tells how you can survive such situation or similar incident.

The Unexpected Suspension

From the time I became a member of Bukisa (more than a month ago), I’ve submitted articles, learned from others’ works, and made friends. I didn’t see coming that one of these days I cannot log in using either of my email or username together with the password. Try as I may, the same message appears, similar to this: “Your account is currently disabled. Try to contact our staff.” I heeded the advice while I suppressed the stirring frustration and anger; using the contact form, I inform the admin about my Bukisa disabled account.

The next day, I received 3 e-mails at different time, but the last one is the most significant, as it clarifies the reason of the suspension; that is, according to the admin I committed “copyright violations.” Such accusation didn’t budge me because I knew too well I wrote all the articles I submitted including the last 3 articles, one of which, I supposed the staff might deemed not original. Resolved to achieve a detailed explanation because it’s my prerogative since I wasn’t inform prior to suspension, I send an e-mail, explaining as calm as I could in kind words the originality of the articles.

Fortunately, my Bukisa account was salvaged—the account was reactivated—a good news from the staff made known via an e-mail the following day. The moral of the story, instead of screaming instantly, “Oh no, another online scam,” when you encounter a problem (in any site) follow my suggested drill.

The Drill Meant to Save You

If you’re caught on fire two steps must be done immediately: drop and roll, but when you’re having the same dilemma as I had, there are only two words I can say: relax and communicate.

1.    Maintain composure. It is inevitable not to be confused as to why you cannot log in, and further thinking may evoke disappointment that can lead to other negative feelings. But before it happens, extinguish these negative and unhelpful emotions and replace them with calmness.

2.    Once you gain sobriety, communicate with the admin and explain your side. Under all circumstances avoid profanity. Maintain professionalism and respect though you’re only exchanging words on the Internet. Think of the conversation as one you execute in approaching an individual to settle a matter, in person. Contact Bukisa admin, through the community support or through the contact form.

I hope accounts with problem similar to my case can be reactivated, but there are instances when a Bukisa disabled account remained as it is. These happen to those who used ptc to increase traffic to their articles. Whether they are aware or not, this is one of the grounds for termination as stated in the terms of agreement. To avoid hassle, let’s follow the rules. If in spite of being an abiding member you still encounter some problems, and after doing the drill, you still can’t put out the fire of obscurity, I wouldn’t stop you from thinking that something fishy is going on.

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