Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Tunes of 2010 Election in the Philippines

Radio, similar to cellular phone, cannot count on me as an advocate or follower; but not my neighbors, who play music loud enough for everyone near to hear. In some occasions, I don’t favor the songs not because I stick to a genre or to a fad of the generation I belong, but it’s more about the tune: that is, either way too old or annoying to my eardrums. After long exposure to such environment, I have learned to adapt.

The tranquility I’m savoring was disrupted by the campaign songs of election candidates running for the 2010 Election on May 10, 2010. The tunes of popular songs are adapted to attract attention while the lyrics are tailored to herald the candidates’ promises Filipinos have memorized but rarely see the realization. In our place, “Nobody” by Wonder Girls, “Jai Ho” by Pussycat Dolls, and “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz are the several songs politicians are using as an enchantment, playing incessantly to bewitch the registered voters to act in favor of them on the 2010 Election (Halalan 2010).

From day to noon, these campaign jingles are ringing on my ears; everyday I felt like I’m listening to a broken radio playing the top annoying campaign jingles of the chart. In effect, I sometimes find myself singing or humming the songs of the candidates, who I will unlikely vote since I’ve become suspicious at politicians who spend much during the campaign period. Where do they get funds for the advertisements, anyway? Through public service. That’s a bigger question or mystery of politics. And what about the honest public servant who cannot afford the costly ads roaming the city—do they stand a chance?    

I’m not the only one experiencing the advertisement torture. Throughout the Philippines, Filipinos are enduring the tune of Politics. A good news dissipates my agony: in less than a few weeks from now, the campaign period will end. Hurray! But the moment of truth will determine the fate of the Philippines—who will be the next president we all are waiting for to spearhead prosperity, a state Filipinos never stop dreaming of but always thwarted by CORRUPT leaders of the nation.

Filipinos, all throughout the globe, able to exercise the right to suffrage (vote), let’s not be a cobra dancing in the tune of the snake charmer (aka bogus public servant) manipulating our every move (our discernment to vote).

Let’s VOTE WISELY! Every single vote is important not just for this generation but for the coming one—either enduring the worst or savoring the bliss of the outcome of 2010 Election. Dear Lord, give us the wisdom to choose the next leaders of our nation—giving glory to You by being a bonafide politicians serving the public.

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