Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Write and Earn at ReviewStream Without Hassle (Part 2)

The following pointers are of great help if you have decided to join ReviewStream. And for those who haven’t read the first part and if you love to write, I’m certain you’ll be glad to know that you can earn through your crafted word at the same time.

Tips in Submitting Reviews and Earning Fast

  1. Do not be discouraged if your first couple of reviews took so long to be accepted, since mine took a week; beyond that, things went smoothly.
  2. To earn fast, consider writing about in-demand topics: cosmetics, electronics, medicine, and more. For the updated, complete list, you may want to go to the homepage of ReviewStream. Nonetheless, I still received regular rate with subjects about hardware, restaurant, and health. I’ve discovered these things after few trials. To ensure the regular rate, create a 500-word review, or more, based on these topics.
  3. For a change, you may also want to write reviews other than in-demand topics, but you must be willing to receive the bulk rate. Your piece of more than 200 words could be made in a few minutes, for a quick half a dollar.
  4. Be aware though, the number of words isn’t what gives value to your piece. Remember, reviews are subject for approval. Do not just mixed words aimlessly; make every word relevant to the topic, and make every review receives any of the rates, which is better than nothing, zilch, nada, or whatever you want to call it.
  5. To easily reach the payout, I advice a mixture of in-demand and not so popular categories, with the former greater in quantity, but save some to maintain the momentum of the fast bucks.

How to Write Reviews

1. Your opinions and experiences are highly valued. I wouldn’t stress these matters anymore, as I’ve mentioned these at the first part. Don’t spend time asking someone else and don’t doubt yourself. Like in an interview, you’re in a hot seat and you can’t just pass the question to someone else. It’s your call.
2. Be a reviewer and not a pleaser. Focus on your thoughts and discuss why such product is such a blessing, somewhat handy, or the dreaded word—bane.
3. Get into details. Digging deeper to reveal more information makes a review a treasure; thus rate is already beckoning at you, prior to submission.
4. Your glitch or disappointment is a solution for others. Writing review is not just another means of earning online, as this leads to another path—helping others by providing valuable information, acting as a tool for their decision making in choosing a product or availing a service. Make recommendation if you must.

Stop Counting, Start Earning

Do not emulate my habit of counting earnings and reviews during my first month; fortunately, I snapped out of it. Instead, keep on submitting two or more work each day. Get into this lucrative habit and you’ll reach payout in a month or less.

If you still have question after reading the frequently asked questions at ReviewStream, don’t hesitate to ask the admin. I asked them twice about payout, the topic everyone is concerned of; the following day I was startled to receive prompt replies. Owing to several months of writing for RS, I hope these tips can help you earn from another get paid to write website, frequently searched but seldom found.

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