Sunday, April 11, 2010

Write and Earn at ReviewStream Without Hassle (Part 1)

At last, a place for that critic residing in every one of us: at ReviewStream you could turn your reviews into bucks; no need to keep to yourself any views, resentment, disappointment, or satisfaction. Anything can be reviewed as the apt tag line of ReviewStream says. After only few months, I can say that writing a review is easier than doing article; no more researching for information—one’s opinion and experience are the ingredients of your unique creation, joining the growing collection of testimonies.

Streams of Earnings

I have summarized the crucial part for everyone’s convenience:

Current Rates
Bulk rate - $0.50
Regular rate - $2.50

Payout - $50.00

I want to divert your attention from payout to bulk and regular rates instead. For experienced writers, such compensation is too low, but why don’t we look at the bright side. Rates are subject to change, something that RS reviewers will look forward to other than waiting for their works to pass the admin standard. When I started on September 2009, the rates are as follows:

Regular rate - $2.00
Bulk rate - $0.40

When I submitted my review by December, I was surprised to receive a gift: the current rates. I would have waited for the favorable change before submitting my reviews, if I’ve known the unexpected present. Nonetheless, it’s better to keep on submitting since there’s no way of knowing when this phenomenon might happen again.

Besides of getting paid to write, ReviewStream provides other means of earning online through referral and vote. Refer to the FAQ to know how these methods are effectively used.

Are you ready to write and submit your first review? But before you do, make sure you read the tips for neophytes and long-time reviewers. These are the accumulation of what I’ve learned. Avoid the troubles I’ve encountered along the way, and you’ll reach payout easily.

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R.O.M.E.L.O. said...

I wrote a few reviews for them and I did earn a few dollars but I just couldn't cash it out because it hasn't reached $50 USD yet. I haven't written any reviews for them in months so I don't think I'll ever get my few dollars out of

Caerol said...

As the saying goes patience is a virtue.

You wouldn't be able to cash out till you reach the payout, but one thing I like about Reviewstream is that as soon as you reach the payout you can cash out anytime.

The following day you can expect your hard-earned money in your Paypal account. Try to at least submit one review each day, just focus on writing, and you'll notice that you're close to the payout.

You will soon reap from your hard work. Don't give up!

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