Thursday, April 8, 2010

How Fast It Is to Sin

Beaches can breathe now because tourist already went back to work since Monday. The regular TV programs of different TV networks were resumed. No more queue of passengers all waiting to embark in a trip through the transportation of their choice: by plane, for a fast journey; by ship, for communing with deep-blue sea; or by bus or other public vehicle on land, for people traveling on a shoestring to a near destination. Holy Week has come to pass. But before things are as normal again, I was able to watch a Holy Week episode about 7 capital sins: pride, anger, envy, lost, greed, gluttony, and sloth.

In our everyday lives, somehow, we are tempted or challenged to commit these sins under varied circumstances; and yet there’s more. The last few minutes of the show was devoted to a new sin, born in our modern time. We all are, at some point in time, plead guilty of committing: HASTE.

Wanting to achieve more in so little time, people become hasty creatures, drifting through life. How many times you’ve left behind the key in your house or missed a meal so as to finish the task at hand? Others have engaged in illegal activities so as to gain immediate success. Stop! We are not slaves of time. As Bishop Tagle explained, in doing so, we are disrupting the natural flow of time and jeopardizing quality. Flowers bloom in the period planned by God, who also made a master plan for us, even before we were born.

The appalling victims of this new-aged sin are the children, who are forced to endure the hardships of working for their family. At the extreme, child labor has dangers lurking nearby, for juveniles toiling in risky environments: mining, pyrotechnics, diving, and even in the streets, these innocent kids are found begging, oblivious of the vehicles passing by at different speed.

Vindication from haste is within reach for perpetrators, but emancipation for victims such as child labor requires joint effort of different sectors of our society. For now, let’s try to slow down. Teach ourselves to appreciate the beauty of life God has freely given us and will continue to give more. In God’s time, our heart’s desires can become a reality, far from what we can imagine.

Let’s devote time to watch a flower in bloom, to marvel the sun set, and to greet people we meet. And haste no more.

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