Friday, March 26, 2010

Bukisa Venture

I finally did it. I signed up two weeks ago to Bukisa, a revenue sharing site, afterward I’ve been busy dressing up my profile and submitting articles. Prior to plunging to another site, I researched and pondered for quite some time. The success of Bukisa-committed people influenced my decision making; whereas, others failure and annoyance have caused no disturbance. But the decrease of index caught my attention. It was brought about by ptc issues that I didn’t bother to delve even more.

Hard work, I believe is the keystone in any venture. Having said so, the fangs of guilt bite me really hard because of slow start; I’ve submitted my first article “How Automobiles Survived the Test of Time,” four days after signing up, though its an unpublished article I’ve written several months ago. Why such a long hiatus? It’s a mistake I could have avoided only if joining the revenue sharing site and Content Current occurred with interval.

Once I applied as a writer for Content Current, I immediately received the testing article, due after 3 days. Such article is the basis whether one is qualified. To have no regrets in the end, I did what a hopeful applicant would do: research, make a draft, write, proofread and the last, yet crucial step—prepare myself for the result, whatever it is. One thing is for sure there’s no room for ifs and buts because I took the chance and did my part.

I may write about the result, but let’s revert to Bukisa. I added 3 more articles, then another trio, which is under editorial to date. I was about to send an e-mail the first time my articles have to go through the scrutiny of the admin for a few days, when I spotted the community support, a place to clear up members’ concerns and queries. A plus factor worthy of applause. This is what I look for in every site: a communication between members and admin and among members. In addition, I like the interface, and creating my profile, revealing a bit of information, good enough to give people an idea about myself. 
To earn from Bukisa, is a much welcomed possibility; but having a place where I could share my thoughts, experiences, and information is the mastermind of such venture.

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