Monday, March 15, 2010

Miss Congeniality Turned Miss Oscar

Last week, like millions of people, I had 4 hours of bonding with my TV (twice as much on a typical day and equals the time I spend with my computer) all because of the 82nd Academy Awards. The forecast of Avatar bagging much Oscar remained just a forecast. Like the unpredictable weather, many awards rained upon The Hurt Locker.

The competition between these two movies seems typical—only if you’re not aware that it’s also a battle between ex-couple: James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow. At least we get a hint of why they were once a modern day Romeo and Juliet—they have something in common—both are enamored of directing.
Among the spoofs (Ben Stiller should be cast in Avatar’s sequel, if there will be one) and winners, Sandra Bullock startled me most—I reacted even more than her when she won the Actress in a Leading Role. She was composed or probably cannot believe her fate. And when she went on the stage, her stellar speech added more lustrous to the most coveted moment in show business: winning an Oscar.

The movie “Speed” has engraved the names of Sandra Bullock and Keannu Reeves in my memory. In “Miss Congeniality,” comedy and action was performed with balance and couldn’t be better without the Best Actress of the 82nd Academy Awards. No wonder the sequel Armed and Fabulous was released.  Other films ensued, for example, The Crash, The Lake House, and The Proposal. As she continues her career, so is her critics in giving remarks—good and bad. But criticism should encourage actors in order to keep afloat despite show business’ massive waves, ready to strike anytime.

Sandra Bullock must have handled well the criticisms hurled to her because like strong-willed FBI agent Gracie Hart (her character in Miss Congeniality), she prevails through her acting prowess proven on “The Blind Side”. Sandra need not wear an FBI agent uniform nor show a badge to gain identity and authority, her Oscar does all the talking.

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