Monday, December 26, 2011

Back in Blogging . . . Away from Home

Staring at my long-forgotten blog, I try hard to fathom how I managed not to write a single post for such a long time. After eight months, I can no longer bear with being away from the blogosphere—keeping my thoughts to myself—and managing casual revelation sometimes. But this time, I’m writing in the other side of the globe away from the familiar place where I grew up and the people whom I cherished the most.

Living in an entirely different environment, I have to make a decision: will I blog about my homeland here or create a new blog about the place I’m trying so hard to adapt with—much effort is consumed by the chilly weather. (I never thought that acclimatization as a long process.)

I’ve got so much to write but first I really have to impose and plan my schedule so as to have time to immerse myself whenever I can in blogging and catching up with my favorite blogs; one of which is Raven’s blog.

Thanks to her, I found out that Textbroker is accepting writers aside from those residing in US. As much as I want to grab such opportunity, it isn’t possible as of now with the exception of blogging, of course. Then I thought about my sister. I earnestly urged her to give it a try. I still yet have to hear from her whether she try or think of alibis not to.

Another discovery that I’m thrilled to share: Pesos and Sense, a show every Filipino wanting to invest in stock or lacking entirely of knowledge should definitely watch. I’m done watching all the episodes found in YouTube that now I’m eager to know more.

Now, I’m done with the warm up post. I definitely have to work hard so as to keep up with the blogosphere.

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