Monday, October 11, 2010

Enjoy 50% Discount on Movie Tickets in Quezon City

Are you a resident of QC? If yes, on October 12 you can avail the 50% discount on movie tickets in all movie houses in Quezon City. A treat that every movie buff would gloat at, is in line with the Quezon City 71st Foundation Day Anniversary. Don’t forget to bring ID with your name, address, and picture.

Whereas, there are activities to be held in Quezon Memorial Circle for that day.
  • 9 am - Street Dance Competition
  •  1 pm - Hataw Bayan Parade and Dance Competion
  • 5 pm - Concert and Fireworks Display

Spread the word. If you’re not a resident of QC, like me (sigh) tell someone who is. I’m sure they’ll love you more and maybe reward you. (This could be your chance—ask them to pay at least half of the movie ticket’s fee.)

Because we’re talking about movies, I’ve listed the movies currently showing on the following cinemas for the benefit of the lucky ones.

SM North Edsa

  1. Bangkok Haunted 3
  2.  Charlie St. Cloud
  3. Eat Pray Love
  4. I Do
  5. Legend of the Guardians
  6. Parasites
  7. Piranha 3D
  8. Resident Evil 4: Afterlife
  9. The Town
  10. Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps

Trinoma Mall
  1. Bangkok Haunted 3
  2.  Eat Pray Love
  3. I Do
  4. Piranha 3D
  5. The Town
  6. Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps

Enjoy the Quezon City 71st Foundation Day Anniversary and the movie of your choice. Try Eat Pray Love. I wonder how Julia Roberts look like after having a break.


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