Tuesday, October 20, 2009

3 Grammar and Writing Havens for Improving One's Skills

Writing online has made me realized a lot of things, but one thing is always emphasized. Whether I am writing a review, article, or blog I am always confronted of the fact that grammar and writing goes hand in hand. The number of rejected articles did affect my sensitive side for a while; later on, I veered my focus to silver lining—I started seeing those comments and rejections as stimulus to improve my grammar skills.

As I am beginning to like writing online, I decided to address my grammar flaws. I’ve searched through the Internet and found useful websites discussing the rules of grammar. Each website has different approaches and degree of lessons; thus, I am certain you’ll find something to aid you in learning grammar.

Grammar Girl

By watching Oprah, I’ve known the existence of Grammar Girl on the Internet. It has become my habit to visit her website because she makes the rules of grammar easy to digest. She’s like your friendly grammar angel, whom you can ask with whatever grammar issues bothering your conscience or opposing your belief. Don’t forget to subscribe to her newsletter for a terse tip straight into your e-mail.


Students, teachers, writers, or individuals wanting to take their grammar and writing to a higher level will surely love Purdue. Everyone can find his niche on this website. One could start from the basic of learning grammar to writing styles such as MLA and APA.


Freerice is different from the preceding websites. Here, you can learn, play, and donate with every click of the mouse. As the name implies, one can give rice to mitigate hunger across the globe, with every correct answer. If I would be addicted to an online game, I prefer this one. I urge everyone to visit freerice; whenever and wherever you are, as long as you’re online you can take part in battling hunger.

While free grammar check done through Microsoft Word helps me spot errors, still nothing beats superb grammar skills. I’m too far of having such prowess, yet somehow I have lessened grammatical errors and eliminated some of my grammatical waterloos by visiting the aforementioned havens.

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