Friday, October 16, 2009

Taking Puppy Pictures Without Spending a Pawful of Bucks

Those little paws, drooping ears, scattered spots and with their short legs making small paces, puppies explore their surrounding. I always have fun watching those small puppies. When my dog gave birth to three cute puppies, I decided to take puppy pictures when they are more than one month old. Since they’ll certainly grow up in the succeeding months, at least, I can have memories via photos of the way they used to look.

Before they grow bigger, I urged my sister to help me set up a place where we could let them walk or do whatever they please, while we were taking pictures.

Our room became our studio. We searched for materials we could use to somehow, in my opinion, make an appealing venue for our agenda—taking puppy pictures. Colored papers, books, sheets and stuffed toys are the materials we’ve used. The venue was ready but where are the stars of the show? After Bungy, Chuckie and Santi, had their breakfast, we started the photo shoot.

Chuckie is comfortably sitting, with Winnie the Pooh on the background.

It's a bird, it's a plane. No, Santi here is just looking at me, perhaps with much pride.

I'm the king of the world! Leonardo here, I mean Chuckie, being the biggest and the cutest among the three, is somewhat boasting.

Santi, I believed, is unintentionally munching on the teddy bear, since she had her breakfast earlier.

Don't worry Bungy and Santi, pink teddy is so near, protecting both of you.

Finally a close up of Bungy, what a nice spectacles!

Six months has passed since we took these and more pictures of puppies. Now, they are all grown ups with bigger paws, ears, and eyes to say the least. They are also much heavier and agile. If we are going to have a photo shoot, at this time, we will definitely have a hard time. Some of the pictures were turned into puppy wallpapers.

They can never shrink back into small puppies, but it’s a good thing we have those cute pictures of them we can look at whenever we wish.

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