Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Right Christmas Gift Requiring Less of Your Brain but More of Your Eyes and Ears

It’s getting colder every day as if December, or much better, Christmas, is already here. And what do we expect to receive and give during this season—Christmas gift. Choosing the right gift for someone is somewhat an ordeal for me. It is much easier for me to clean my room or even the entire house than to pick a gift, which I have no idea whether the recipient will like it to keep or to give someone else.

But over the years, I learned ways of finding gift ideas for my family. At least a few months before the big day, I have wrapped my presents for them.

Under Observation: Anything Shabby or Old

I do want to give unique gifts to my mom, dad and the rest, but I decided to give something they can use. To know what they need, I try to observe the things they regularly use that might need to be replaced like pants, shirts, belts and other personal things.

Listen Well...or Just Listen

While observing, I try to keep my ears alert and able to hear the wishes of my family, as these could become my gifts for Christmas. At times, I feel like they deliberately say it aloud, making their wishful voice travel more than the earshot of anyone around. This is the usual tactic of my mom; in Filipino she’s making “parinig” or innuendo, to counteract such doing, I act as if I heard nothing at all.
At present, I have many gifts ideas by just observing and listening. Perhaps by the end of the month I’ll be able to buy and wrap their presents.

These strategies work best for family members whom you live with. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t apply these every time you go out with or visit your family and friends. I’m sure you’ll find a Christmas gift for someone dear to you.

It’s already mid of October, have you got any gift ideas?

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