Tuesday, October 13, 2009

La Mesa Ecopark—a Way of Rubbing Elbows with Nature

We are already aware of the significance of dam and park from the time they have contributed in mankind’s progress. But can the two man-made creations with different purpose be visited—at the same time? Filipinos, especially city dwellers can do both in one destination: La Mesa Ecopark. Now that I blog, I’ll have the chance to tell my experience regarding this unique park, where one can do more than just sight-seeing.

To know the location, you could go to the official website of La Mesa Ecopark. If the map found on the site wouldn’t suffice, you may call their office and ask for direction just like my cousin did, a few days before our trip.

You can read my review of La Mesa Ecopark at Review Stream. And if you have fun reading it, don’t forget to vote. Otherwise read along, for you to have a glimpse of what to find in Ecopark.

Shell Flower Terraces

It is panoramic from afar, but a challenge at a closer look. You may decline or accept the challenge of climbing the steps; but think about it, atop, you’ll have the opportunity of seeing the La Mesa Dam.

 Petron Ampitheater

Another site that will dare put those lower extremities into work.

 Fishing Lagoon

 Boating Lagoon

If you’re tired of climbing and walking, why not exercise you’re arm with rowing. Just a reminder, have someone who knows how to row; otherwise, be ready being dizzy caused by moving in circle.

I was able to endure and enjoy the aforementioned sites; but I wasn’t brave enough to try zipline, wall climbing, rappelling and paintball. However, I do enjoy watching people who have mustered courage and yet scream as they tried those activities.

Already fixing your schedule in order to accommodate a trip to this unique destination? Take your family with you; they’ll thank you for this ingenious itinerary.

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