Monday, October 12, 2009

The Word Exposed: Drawing Us Closer to God

Having my own blog has always been part of my to-do-list. One by one the tasks are being accomplished, leaving the blog thing behind. For my blog to materialize, I decided to write my first post. I chose from my other list—blog topics, which increases everyday. I opted to write about The Word Exposed, not because I’m writing on Sunday; this topic is not chosen to make amends by writing on the Sabbath Day, rather I deemed this topic more essential and beneficial to everyone.

I can no longer recall when was the first time I watched The Word Exposed by Bishop Chito Tagle. But I do remember, ever since I’ve known this show, I try not to miss any episode. Before going to Sunday mass in our local church, I watch him first: explaining the 1st Reading, the 2nd Reading, and the Gospel. His explanations help me to relate and have a deeper understanding of the word of God.

The Bible is replete with explicit and implicit ideas. Parables aid me in grasping the meaning, whereas unfathomable symbolisms leave me flustered, without fail. It is to our advantage, Filipinos, for we are able to watch a show, drawing us closer to God.

Bishop Chito Tagle reveals and simplifies the word of God by citing prevailing events in our society. All of his stories and explanations are done with enthusiasm; it is hard not to notice Bishop Tagle’s elation in preaching God’s word. His smiles are contagious; and his notions and reminders, though delivered with humor, encourage us to reflect and take it seriously.

I appreciate the portion wherein Bishop Tagle answers questions from people of varying age, status, and concern. There were teenagers asking the purpose of the practices of the church. And there were grown-ups asking on how to forgive, to let go, to discipline and more concerns. The number of advices Bishop Tagle gives is enlightening and overwhelming; during this process, he remained impartial—careful to show favor to any side. Instead he tackles different angles of the issues.

The Word Exposed is shown every Sunday, 7:00 am-8:00 am on TV 5 (a Philippine broadcasting company). If you can’t drag yourself out of the bed during this time, you can still watch the show through YouTube. For those who have Facebook account, you can become a fan of Bishop Chito Tagle. There you’ll have the opportunity to commend, ask, or watch current and past episodes.

God is reaching out to us in countless ways, one of which is through The Word Exposed. How are we going to respond? As Bishop Tagle says the Word has been exposed, we are called to act upon it—manifesting it in every day of our lives.

Photo credits: Facebook account of Bishop Chito Tagle and Creative Commons

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