Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Writer: Everything Is Free for 7 Days

Yesterday, I received a good news delivered in my inbox. The Writer magazine has a 7-day open house starting from October 15 –22; what’s in it for you? In a week, anywhere you are as long as you have Internet connection, everything in the site is accessible for free. You don’t have to be a member to take advantage of the invaluable wealth of knowledge.

Because I subscribe to the newsletter, I receive latest information and announcement like this one. The first time I’ve known about the 7-day open house I was too busy that I missed lots of freebies. So this time, I’ll scour The Writer magazine and make the most out of the rare opportunity.

Though I’m neither a writer nor planning to become one (for now, who knows, maybe someday), as a blogger (now that I can say with pride) I’ve learned ways that improved my writing skills, grammar, and style via TW. Having a blog made me realize a responsibility besides following netiquette, that is, to make a grammatically correct writing. I don’t want my readers to imitate my mistake or misuse of words thinking that nothing is wrong. Most important, I can communicate better and sent the message I want to convey by cautiously choosing the words I’m using.

Just a bit of trivia how I chanced upon The Writer magazine. My sister, who is a bibliophile, bought a used The Writer for affordable price. Though it’s an old issue the content is timeless and full of humor—that I was engrossed even more. Honestly, I’m intimidated just by the title itself, yet I find it light and easy to grasp.

I was able to have a glimpse of writers’ life: the hardship in writing, the joy in completing the book, the annoyance caused by incessant inquiry, and other challenges an ordinary person who hardly pick up a book and read is not aware of. It surprised me how light and helpful this magazine is. I can’t remember how many times I chuckled, laughed, smile, and embarrassed myself after knowing how much mistake I’ve made in terms of grammar.

The bottom line, anyone can benefit from the information both online and the tangible hard copy. I wish I could subscribe to the magazine other than the newsletter; fortunately, there is a 7-day free access of The Writer magazine online from time to time.

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ToTo Antonio said...

I'm passing the Versatile Blogger Award to you..I can't paste the link a script disabled the right click function.


Caerol said...

Thanks Toto! I've got two Versatile Blogger Awards in just 3 days, yet I didn't think of receiving one though I want to.

Again thanks for choosing me to be part of the Versatile list.

I hope I can complete the list in 2-3 days, so as I can express my gratitude to you and Ria in a post for everyone to read.

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