Monday, September 27, 2010

A Great Loss, a Little Gain, and a Combination of Both

If I willy-nilly have to do an errand, I want to finish it in a day, that is, if circumstances and time permit. The unavailability of Internet connection and the unavoidable errand of stock relevant matter have kept me from blogging for three days (an inconvenient time because I have lots of post to publish). All right no more complains, back to my story about stock, the financial shares in a company (I felt like I’m financial analyst or a stock broker.)

I’m helping my dad about his loss stock certificate. I don’t own it, but maybe someday. Within three days I’ve learned an important lesson for stockholders or who wants to be one: do not lose your stock certificate. A replacement will be issued after completing the requirements. What are those? Details are allotted to the succeeding post in October perhaps.

Once I get my hands to my computer I started typing. I’ve updated my earlier post about Toneaday. Before joining, do not forget to read it first and if you’re already a member, you might want to share your experience—whether about success or disappointment. I’m saving the good news for last—I bought a domain for Blackeyed Chuchie. My sister helped me to set it up. Last week is a mixture of delight, disappointment, and weariness. I wonder what is in store for me this week. Be optimistic. Actually, I receive a blessing this morning. Thank God! Isn’t a good start?

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