Thursday, September 23, 2010

Recycled Photo and Pen Holder

Let’s reduce our waste. Some of our old stuffs just need a little fix and creativity to have a new purpose like this photo and pen holder.

  1.  wire (available in hardware store)
  2.  empty bottle of sandwich spread
  3.  ribbon or any used accessories that you like to use
  4.  photos (choose the one that can make you smile or happy)
  5.  pliers
  6.  paper clip


1.   Clean the bottle and gather all the materials.
2.   Cut the wire to your desired length.
3.   Make a loop on one end. Use the pliers to bend the tip then use your hand to make more loops. (3 is enough.) Do the same on the other end.

4.   Put the wire around the neck of the bottle then twist it at the back like your making an antenna. As you can see the other end of the wire is longer, you can do this by not twisting the wire at the center so as to make varied length.

5.   Tie the ribbon around the body of the empty bottle or use your preferred accessory like glitters, buttons, or make a decopage.
6.   Insert the photo on the loop.
7.   Bend the wire to accommodate the photos. You can clip a photo at the center if you want to.
8.   Perhaps you notice the heart-shape paper clip attached to the photo.

9.   It is a paper clip folded at the center. Simple and cute isn’t it?

This craft is based in what I’ve watched on TV; the only difference is that they used rock instead of bottle. I thought about this when my sister asked for unused photo frame. I chose bottle so she can organize her pens and because I can’t find a good-looking rock in the backyard.

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