Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kids Lessons: Clean and Green

As a person who grew up being disciplined early on, I attest that parents play a vital role in teaching their kids the importance of cleanliness and where is a good place to start such lesson—home. In one’s territory, you’ll never run out of things needing a good cleanup. Why not start with dirty clothes, a personal, messy issue that little ones can handle well with constant practice. If you don’t want you’re kids to develop the habit of dressing up the floor with dirty clothes, hand them a laundry bag and make sure things end up inside after undressing. Choose a laundry bag with drawstring and shoulder strap for easy transportation and you can also have it embroidered with your kid’s name.

Keeping things in order is not just a habit dwelling in our house. Once the kids go out, they should carry along such trait with them. Make sure your toddler have a bag like Stephen Joseph which is known for its quilted backpacks made of cotton that is durable and machine washable. Young ones can hold it through a carry or shoulder strap. Like the laundry bag, it can be personalized with your child’s name embroidered in the magnetic snap closures—a bag with a name tag.

While teaching your children the importance of tidiness, you don’t have to turn into a strict neatness guru ; instead, encourage and lure them in the path of cleanliness with the aid of trendy, durable  bag. And don’t forget to reward them appropriately. There is a time to work and a time for playing. Let them have fun in the yard, be a little messy playing over the lush, green grass best taken care of by Dallas landscaping. Will these strategies work? It did work to me. And for that, all credits go to my parents for a job well done.

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