Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tips in Changing a Blogger Template

The headache I’ve been complaining on “The Elusive Free Blogger Template,” didn’t go to waste because I’ve learned lessons and tricks in changing a blogger template. To serve as a guide for others, I want to impart these hard-earned lessons into two parts: designing and coding your template.

Designing: Giving Your Blog a Reflection of Yourself

1.   Before creating your blog’s interface, make sure you have thought and chosen a layout. Look for a template with good layout rather than graphics which you’ll replace later on, so that you can achieve your very own unique blog template.

2.   I strongly urge you to design your interface using Adobe Photoshop (my favorite) or other graphic software your familiar with, then divide and apply your preferred and suitable color on the following parts: Header, Main-wrapper (content area), Side-bars, Footer, and Background.
    • By somewhat making your blueprint via a graphic software, you can have a perspective of the outcome. As your brain thinks harder, you might need to discard your growing ideas; this prototype will serve as repository while leaving codes untouched at the moment.
    • You can focus in designing instead of being bothered by codes. (But you have to deal with it later on). I had a hard time doing both at the same time.
    • You don’t have to worry of an Internet disconnection, resulting to unsaved changes. Work all you want, without interruption, but you must have a break every now and then. I know how hard to do so when you’re so engrossed.
    • If you choose not to use white as a background (you’re into some trouble) especially for main-wrapper, the area on which your post will appear, you can easily play with colors including font colors, for example links and titles.

    3.    Take time in making your banner since this is the part that could garner a lot of attention, but your post can evoke applause from your visitors.

    4.    Expect the unexpected. Keep your cool in changing a blogger template. You must become open-minded and flexible because some things will not turn out the way you wanted to. (I have to change the sidebars’ background to make the font’s color visible.) Remember your goal is to make the outcome better not to stick to the original plan, even though inappropriate. You can also apply this tip in coding.

    Coding: the Unavoidable (and Almost Unbearable) Task

    1.    Save the xml before changing anything. You can also simply copy, paste, and save the code via notepad or any text editor.

    2.    And as your work progress, again save it (trust me on this one). The colors you’ve used in designing your blueprint require lesser time when applying as hexadecimal codes, since by this time, you don’t have to consider their relevance or whether they complement each other.

    3.    Be vigilant. Preview any change before pressing the save button. I will never forget this lesson because I’ve messed up the code turning my continuously-improving template into an unpleasant transformation. The lesson no.2 saved my template from utter doom.

    4.    Tinker moderately with the code. Search the Internet for tips if it’s taking you too long in achieving your goal. The tips of experienced bloggers will save you from impending trouble and wasting time. Don’t solely solve the problem. Frustration and experimenting further could ruin your code.

    Less Technical Advice but Equally Significant

    Always keep your eye on your goal and stock up patience; these things will push yourself forward, whenever you hit the brink of giving up. Don’t forget to have a KISS principle or Keep It Simple Silly when you’re so overwhelmed that you don’t where to start or end.

    To have a unique blog template, let your personality reflect on it while designing and coding. I sincerely wish these lessons are of great help. I also welcome advice or idea. Who knows, sharing may tame the unruly task of changing a blogger template.

    You might be done reading but no need to rush; you may proceed a little further for more Clumsy Fancy Stuff!

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    Arafin Shaon said...

    Dude would u kindly tell me how to u change LinkWithin Thumbnail from the front page plz...............

    Caerol said...

    I have to give credit to pinoywebsurfer and the complete URL is

    I'm still having trouble with linkwithin and once I'm done I'll post the code as soon as I could, so keep on visiting my blog.

    And thanks for dropping by!

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