Monday, July 5, 2010

Outcast No More!

Here is my first post for July, a period to make up for the wasted time, caused by the retirement of my six-year-old IDE hard drive, something that is really unexpected, unwanted, and cumbersome. Maybe its time anyway, this hard drive has worked so hard and served me at its best during the time I’m doing my theses, an ordeal of every college student. For more than 3 weeks of feeling like an outcast from the realm of the Internet, many things have happened that I’ll narrate later on. (Perhaps this month will have the highest number of post.) Once my still-hanging-on computer is back on the track, I was so happy to use my favorite browser: Mozilla Firefox. After reading the loads of e-mail in my inbox, I gave Clumsy Fancy the facelift, delayed by unpleasant events. The changes were made for readers to navigate easily and for me to showcase my other articles (devoid of ranting) in this blog. To see the improvement, look at the page elements at the right sidebar: Extra Income By, My Top Bukisa Articles and those with similar format. I’ll have to end my story because I intend to make this post short and somewhat icing to my upcoming stories. I’ll save the lengthy ones in the succeeding days.

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