Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Year of Online Writing, How Far Did I Go?

How can I forget! It’s been a year already since I entered the exciting, frustrating and gratifying world of online writing.

Here’s a chronology of my so far one year journey:

  • Though I’ve submitted two article in 2007, it was only in April 2009 I took online writing seriously and started earning— the part that encourage me to do more, yet a possibility I doubt at first.
  • Back then when there’s not much work available, I joined Reviewstream in September, at which I’ve submitted as of now more than a hundred reviews, about anything I have knowledge of or use such as books, movies, websites and gadgets.
  • The Word Exposed: Drawing Us Closer to God is my first post on Clumsy Fancy, my first ever blog (I’m planning to have more). I launched my blog in October 2009 after I’ve reached payout on Reviewstream, only a month after becoming a member and though $ 50 is the payout.
  • I’ve also tried article marketplace, at which one can sell articles at the author’s price. In some websites the standard is too strict while others allow only few days before your article is accepted and ready for sale, as long as its unique content.

I’ll spare you some of the details, but I wouldn’t say that I never had any rejection—the heartbreaker of every online writer, but also a great teacher if you’ll learn from the harsh or light criticism and advice. Look at the bright side: you can write better article next time around.
I consider my one-year journey as a passage to the threshold of online writing, though I don’t know where does my creations can take me to; but as far as I’m concern, I’m getting the hang of it—including the good and the bad part.

You might be done reading but no need to rush; you may proceed a little further for more Clumsy Fancy Stuff!

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