Monday, January 18, 2010

The Pencil Sent from Above

Indeed, life is full of surprises; and if wasn’t for Google Webmaster Tool my post, “Black Pencil for Filipino Students” that was featured on the news of Black Pencil Project, I wouldn’t be reminded of this phrase.

It is not my hobby to use Webmaster Tool, unlike my sister; I am more concerned about writing post for my budding blog (Clumsy Fancy). I discovered this rare event through the unexpected link appearing on Webmaster Tool, specifically on the “link to your site,” which shows all the websites or blogs that has a link to my blog. If you have started building link to your website or blog, this portion of Webmaster Tool is filled with links, apparently.

Seeing my featured post is like watching a dream right before my eyes. I can’t believe it’s possible. Amidst the cloud 9, I realized two things: one’s writing could be appreciated and by blogging one is able to do something important, that is, contributing to society’s welfare—through words. As time goes by, there will be new features; nonetheless, I couldn’t help to smile, whenever I think of the rare spotlight illuminating my post.

The memory of it serves as an impulse for me to keep on writing—with or without the possibility of being featured and seeing the unexpected link through Webmaster Tool.

Thanks to the humble “pencil”. Thanks Bro.

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