Thursday, January 14, 2010

IMAX at SM City North Edsa

All this time, I wasn’t aware of the existence of IMAX at SM City North Edsa. There wasn’t much news about it. Whereas, the first-ever IMAX in Philippines found at SM Mall of Asia (MOA) has made so much  buzz, since the location has been part of the news from construction to completion.

Let me take you back to SM City North Edsa, before I am completely distracted with stories about SM MOA. The existence of another IMAX was made known to me on the day my sister and I watched New Moon in Cinema 11, at the main building of SM City North Edsa. Beside Cinema 11 is where the much favored yet much expensive way of watching movie is nestled. The queue of people buying tickets for regular cinemas is longer than the queue for IMAX. I don’t like waiting in line, but for New Moon I did line up for the much cheaper ticket for Cinema 11.

Though it seems embarrassing I’ll spill the beans anyway: I made sure to buy the tickets for the usual viewing. Had I made the mistake of following the expensive queue, I would be really startled and embarrassed; to make such blunder less obvious, I would be forced to watch New Moon with the wider screen, while my wallet is brooding over the loss of its content.

This silly possibility didn’t happen, to my relief. Eclipse is going to be shown this year, and the silly possibility, perhaps, might happen not by mistake but by willingness because I have ample time to save. The sequel is not the only thing I look forward to this year but also the outcome of the renovation within SM City North Edsa and its surrounding: Skydome, new Annex, easier access from footbridge, and convenient vehicle terminal across the mall. The rest is for you to discover.

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