Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Moon…New Tragedy (Part 2)

You might want to read New Moon…New Tragedy (Part 1); otherwise read along.
As shown in Twilight, because of clumsiness, Bella has inadvertently put herself in danger:
  • from slipping on ice,
  •  occasional tripping, 
  •  being harassed by a gang to
  •  almost getting hit by a car.

Bella excuse herself by being “the uncoordinated.” While I cannot blame her from being the prone-accident teenager in Twilight, I cannot do likewise in New Moon. Though, Edward is constantly fighting to adhere to the Cullens diet, Bella is not holding back from imposing various self-inflicting harm in New Moon:
  • hitching on a motorcycle of the speed-maniac stranger;
  •  riding at full throttle on a motorcycle, while in fact she lacked even the smattering of the basic; 
  •  getting lost into the woods, completely disregarding the fact that the forest is inhabited by harmful creatures;
  •  getting almost killed by a vampire (this may be excluded, at some point);
  •  and lastly, the worst of all—jumping off the cliff , and describing it as a form of “recreation.”

Will Bella think twice or even more, if she had known that something beneath awaits her: not a shark but a vampire, escaping successfully, who got even luckier by finding her prey drowning of water and stupidity? What an easy catch and a sweet revenge it would have been.

Walking around with the same face—showing no emotion, Bella seems uninterested to the usual concern of her friends, starting from Twilight. This same figure Bella Swan maintained as she challenges every danger, and to my confusion without showing an ounce of fear.

The extent of the danger she would get into, the impending wedding, and the threatening transformation of Bella all of which are tempting me to take a peek in the pages of Eclipse. But I’ll just let Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson do the storytelling in theaters. It might take long. I can use some of the patience I’ve mustered through the Harry Potter series till Eclipse unfolds in big screens.

You might be done reading but no need to rush; you may proceed a little further for more Clumsy Fancy Stuff!

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