Friday, January 8, 2010

New Moon…New Tragedy (Part 1)

A man kneeling down before an equally nervous, yet excited lady, reaching for her hand to put a glistening ring while saying the perfect word for the perfect moment: “Will you marry me?” This is the typical scene or ending we often expect, and the part that defines what a romantic movie is all about. Whereas, a wedding proposal at the end of New Moon, a movie resurging the existence of a classic blood-sucking creature—“Vampire”, is a startling and unpredictable end for those who haven’t read the book written by Stephenie Meyer. As I was, I bet even the readers were stunned, seeing the wedding proposal transpire in words within the pages.

How would the wedding vow live up for these two completely different beings? Bella Swan is eligible to say, “In sickness and in health . . . ” since as a mortal she will likely acquire illness throughout her lifetime. On the contrary, Edward Cullen is unfit to say, “Till death do us part . . . ” being an immortal, he doesn’t have to deal with death knocking at his door. One cannot evade the inevitable and cruel facts of life, and the other would just drift through life, ageless and vigorous as ever. “I do,” are perhaps the most tragic words for Bella and Edward as opposed to normal couple drowning in bliss as they exchange vow.

Tragedy, as I see it, started earlier in New Moon. Bella Swan has to contend with the possibility of being one of them—becoming a “vegetarian,” the diet being practiced by the Cullens—by living off with animal’s blood. As shown by his refusal, perhaps Edward Cullen felt it as a tragic possibility than the all-so-willing Bella who is consistent of wanting to be part of Edward’s family—the immortal Cullens, as if the pangs of the venom penetrating deep within her vein has never threatened her own being—her mortality in Twilight. But this seems to be a minor pass incident Bella Swan has forgotten, since she’s willing to put herself through it again, leaving everything behind, even her family. I think she doesn’t realize the detriment of her clumsiness, Bella’s prevailing quality that I see as a tragedy as well, though as a minor one or maybe not.

For much detailed tragedies of Bella Swan read New Moon…New Tragedy (Part 2).

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