Monday, December 28, 2009

What Is the First Website in Your URL Box?

Almost everyone is acquiring another citizenship apart from their lawful citizenship: being a netizen. Though there are still some people who don’t go online caused by lack of access or courage to use a computer (no intention to offend anyone).

Pretending I possess a type of elixir, I would transform every website I’ve visited into money, making myself rich and traveling around the globe. From checking e-mail through Yahoo and Google almost everyday to determining occasionally the whereabouts and getting in touch with friends and relatives through social networking websites like Facebook and Friendster, the list of my online activities could go on; but I’ll stop now, not because of the thought that countless URLs couldn’t be made into money, but more so, the list will reveal how much I heavily rely on the Internet.

The succeeding websites I will discover as I ramble online is very unpredictable; on the contrary, I can proudly say that I can still remember the first website I typed in the URL box. Can you recall yours or does the memory of it was buried by the oodles of websites you’ve visited since your first online encounter?

Although, I can’t remember the exact URL I’m quite sure it was about Music Television (MTV), the show everyone knows and has catapulted the career of well-known singers of today. It’s been twelve years, since as a freshman in high school I sat in front of the computer trying to get a glimpse of MTV. There I was staring at the CRT monitor which hardly made progress. I never bother to ask the ISP to my teacher for the simple reason: I did not even know what it means during those days.

Not even an iota of impatience or annoyance was brought to surface, since as a newbie I thought of it as a typical scenario: typing the URL with the index fingers (can’t touch type back then) and wait, then occasionally look at others to see if they were having any luck, and wait even more.

Today, if in a single click and in a few seconds the website wouldn’t show up, I get easily antsy and annoyed; at this moment, I have to summon the newbie me twelve years ago to obtain patience excluding incognizance. But I don’t want to borrow tranquility from the past every time I encounter Internet disruption; thus I keep patience—a lot of patience, somewhere inside of me.

Embarrassing as it is, I have to admit that my first online experience shouldn’t be categorized as interactive, yet it’s amazing to know that hundreds or even thousands of URLs have started with the first ever website in your URL box. Can you recall yours? Not the one you accessed yesterday or today but the website that first welcomed you into information superhighway and your ticket to becoming a netizen.

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