Thursday, December 3, 2009

Adult Dog and Puppy’s Playtime: a Disaster!

Victim: Chuckie (son)
Age: 2 months old puppy

Perpetrator: Pino (father)
Age: 2 years old dog

Note: They are related despite of lack of resemblance. Chuckie get all the whites from her mother IC; on the other hand, Chuckie’s siblings manifest their resemblance to Pino through colors, coat, and physique.

Setting: typical abode in Philippines

Time and Date: 8:30 pm, May 3, 2009 (Sunday)

Testimony of a Credible Witness

I was done having dinner with my family and as usual the three puppies were done with their dinner; when I was about to go upstairs, I heard Chuckie yelped so loud that cause an alarm to my mom and auntie. Then he walks with difficulty with a faint cry on each step. If he’s an actor in a movie, he deserved applause for good acting: the imploring stare, the compelling gesture and the harrowing cry could move anyone with pity. But he was not feigning or acting at all.

Before that incident, Pino was playing with him just like they always do. At the course of playing, Pino might inadvertently harmed Chuckie. I try to pick him up and make him stand up; but he would choose to lie down and stretch his arms, as if asking to be comforted. Moving or carrying might cause further injury; thus, I left Chuckie under the chair where he was undisturbed. As for Pino, I tied him up and reprimanded him a bit.


The moral of the story: don’t let an adult dog play with a puppy without supervision. You could just imagine those huge and robust paws pressing on a puppy, even though the adult dog didn’t intend or not aware that he could harm his little ones. Keeping an eye is a must.

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masmasika said...

Great story. I also have two little dogs. I think if you have both adult and baby dogs, you have to segregate the babies to avoid harm or better still, get dogs that are of the same age, although that is hard to do. anyway. I like your blog.

Caerol said...

we just have to keep an eye on them. This is also a good opportunity for adult dogs to become active again. And besides its better to have dogs of different age, based on my experience.

For not giving a prompt response, I apologize. And thanks for the compliment. I'll try to write more dog tips.

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