Sunday, November 22, 2009

Delete Files by Bypassing the Recycle Bin

Deleted files, apparently, end up in the Recycle Bin. We may have removed unwanted files in our folders, and yet, we have to empty the Recycle Bin where deleted files accumulate, after every organization we make.

There are two ways on how to delete files:

1. Click or select files, and press Delete on the keyboard.
2. Right click a file or selected files, and click Delete on the Shortcut Menu. Another way of revealing the Shortcut Menu is to press Shift + F10.

Doing one of these methods will evoke a message box similar to the subsequent picture.

Did you notice the word "Recycle Bin?" By simply selecting the files you wanted to delete and pressing Shift + Delete you’ll see the following picture instead.

Every time you press Shift + Delete, you are bypassing the Recycle Bin; thus, you save time by not having to empty the Recycle Bin with every deletion. Bear in mind, this method takes away the opportunity of restoring deleted files. Don’t fret yet. In the event that you want to recover you’re deleted files you can use a recovery tool such as Pandora Recovery.

When I’ve learned the way of bypassing the Recycle Bin, I never go back to my old ways of deleting files. I no longer have to make extra clicks to discard files that have been taking up space and becoming eyesore, after some time. You too, can add this simple method as an ally in achieving a clutter-free hard drive. 

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