Monday, November 16, 2009

Grey’s Anatomy Season 6: So Long Agent 007

The doctors are in again, in boob tube. Though three episodes of Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 were shown already on Studio 23, I’m still not used of not seeing George O’ Mailey. In a local newspaper, I’ve read early this year, actor T.R. Knight (a.k.a. George O’ Mailey) was about to leave the show; the news didn’t sink in to me yet, since I treat it just like a prediction—that shouldn’t happen. I was looking forward of any changes, however far-fetched, O’ Mailey would keep roaming the ground of Seattle Grace, in flesh.

The unfaltering hope, I held on, staggered at the finale of season five; and on October 26, 2009 the pilot episode of Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 was aired on Studio 23—my hope crumbled. From being a doctor, George O’ Mailey turned into a patient—a dying patient—a hopeless case. Then came the words we often hear: “Time of death…,” for him, and as for Izzie: a time for a fresh start without her best friend.

What would the show be like without the ever-lenient George? I’ve witnessed his ups and downs: failing an exam, getting a divorce, cheating on his wife and more. In spite of his imperfections, his presence gives balance to the erratic mood and relationship of his fellow doctors.

The hot-headed Alex Karev now seems to inherit the sensitivity of George, but his temper still gets the best of him and me—that I wanted to have a commercial break (really), or a fast phase of events. At times, domineering Cristina Young is somewhat vexing when she’s clamoring to scrub in the operating room for the privilege of cutting, sewing, or whatever that needs to be done to the patient. In the absence of opportunity, she continues what she does best: getting into too much detail disregarding the emotion of a patient. It’s a good thing Miranda Bailey is there to reprimand her and the rest about their duty as a doctor, who puts first the interest of their patient, and as a human, who is capable of caring and being sensitive to their patients’ needs.

What about the heartbreakers: Derek Shepherd and Mark Sloan? The latter, for now, is trying to settle for only one girl—an intern with eidetic memory, Lexie Grey, who also happens to be the sister of unpredictable and undecided Meredith Grey. Back to Derek Shepherd; Meredith and he are getting along, for now. How long? We can only guess.

With or without George O’ Mailey, I would continue watching Grey’s Anatomy, though it wouldn’t be the same, since there are lots of events to watch out for. The chaotic world of doctors in and out of the hospital would continue revolving and evolving; in spite of the clashing and opposing personality of the characters, they keep on saving lives all together.

Haven’t watch the last episode? You’re in luck! If you live in Philippines, through, you could catch up the last episode. Other than Grey’s Anatomy, you can also watch other shows of Studio 23 online, the day after its live airing; the downside is you only have seven days to watch the last episode, and then it will be replaced by the current-aired episode. Nonetheless, it is an opportunity for people, however busy they are, to be up-to-date with the exciting new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 minus Agent 007.

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