Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Advantages of Dog Walking One Shouldn’t Walk out On

It’s almost four months when I had the surgery, since then I need to recuperate: no household chores or strenuous tasks. Slowly, I’m starting to get back to my typical routine requiring only a bit of muscle; nonetheless, it’s still an improvement. One of the things I miss is dog walking; I also yearn for long walk in malls, but I have to admit spending time with my canine buddies is sure to be missed. Though there’s nothing fancy about walking your dog, did you know that in western countries they take it seriously that dog walking services have gained popularity?

Individuals who are not fond of dogs might not grasp the idea of dog walking as a source of delight and a way to earn extra income. Let me walk you through enlightenment as to why my pals need to promenade and what good it does to me. One last thing before you go out for a walk with your pal, ensure that your dog is wearing the right dog leash, an important accessory.

Work Those Muscles

Maybe you’re not a gym buff, but I’m sure that you’ve read or heard that walking is good for your health, even to animals. Walking is the simplest form of exercise: no need to buy expensive equipments and no need to hire a fitness coach. Having a dog is a plus, especially if you’re too lazy—you’ll be forced to do so, since you’re furry pal will ask/bark for it.

Rest and Relaxation

This might not be clear to you yet, so here is my personal account on this one. At some days, there are just too many things in our life: job, errand, plan, event and other mundane things people are usually preoccupied of. Taking my dog for a walk in the neighborhood, takes me away from whatever occupies my time. And when thoughts try to mingle in my head, I only have to focus my attention to the numerous antics and annoying habits of my agile dog.

Furry Rendezvous

Dogs have plenty of leisure; aside from running and munching whatever is accessible, they could better use their time socializing with their kind—through your help. I used to do dog walking in the morning, to allow them to mingle with our neighbors’ dogs and meet other people. This rendezvous takes away their fear from strangers, making them behave accordingly inside and outside their territory. From where I live, dogs abound as if they are like TV and cell phone which my neighbors couldn’t do away with.

Welcoming 2010 might also mean gaining back my bonding moments with my four-legged buddies. May you also welcome the idea of having a dog or allotting time to walk with them. As cited, it’s good for your dog and yourself.

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