Monday, November 9, 2009

Black Pencil for Filipino Students

Do you still remember the time when you first used a pencil? Aimlessly writing or drawing and proudly showed off to your parents, who gave a nod and a smile as if they can decipher your creation. As for me, I still remember those masterpieces. By the time I went to kindergarten, I was so excited to use school supplies; though I dread being left by my mom, fortunately I’m too shy to cry like my classmates.

Nothing seems to change at all. Younger generation still experience the joy of learning in school with their bags full of learning materials—though, not all of them. Somewhere in the rural areas of Philippines, far from the flourishing city, less-fortunate students only have few school supplies to meet the demands of studying.

Black Pencil Project has been providing these young minds with black pencils, almost every Filipino is familiar of, and other learning necessities for the past few years. Anyone can take part in their noble deed. First step, know the different ways of helping through or become a fan via Facebook. From those websites, you’ll be able to lend a hand and do what you love, at the same time.

Who knows from black pencil, these kids someday would draw blueprints or write novels—the possibilities are endless. While it is amusing to reminisce our early school adventures, but it’s even more amazing to know that act of kindness and peewee pencils would illustrate a colorful future of a child.

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