Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Installing Alarm Software Means Increasing Productivity

No matter how hard I try, still I find myself whiling away on the Internet. Even though, I am resolved to visit selected websites, tempting links almost always persuade me to click one after the other. Before I knew it, I wasted so much time and accomplished so little task. To quit this bad habit of mine, I install alarm software, the aid in learning time management.

Alarm software is similar to an alarm clock but without the reverberating and irritating sound of the latter. Among the numerous downloads of alarm software, I favored ClockX 1.5 Beta 2,an analog clock which is far from being a nuisance, as the alarm clock, and it has more features compare to other alarm software:

1. You can pin it to the desktop or let it appear over an active window, allowing you to always view time and date.
2. Change the size and transparency of the clock for better visibility.
3. Choose clock backgrounds from the collection (old watch, wristwatch, chrome, coin, map, cartoon, etc).
4. Set time and choose action to be performed: show alarm window, play sound or video, execute application, and shutdown the PC.
5. Select the occurrence of the scheduled tasks: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or minutely.

Must I Have One?

You’ll discover other features of ClocX once you download and install it. ClocX is easy to install and use, so there’s no reason not to have one; in fact, it has improved my time management skills in various ways:

1. It keeps me on track with my schedule.
2. The set time and reminder give extra push to finish the task on time.
3. Aids in care and maintenance of the computer, the tasks I often neglected or overlooked.
4. It produces a sound of my choice than the alarm clock that never fails to irritate every time it sounds.
5. Most important, I become more productive.

A Friendly Reminder

However, I need to alarm you: ClocX could help you in achieving an ideal time management by providing reminders—that one can instantly perform or disregard. The reminders are futile unless one has the strength to fight procrastination, the long-time enemy of productivity and the willingness to do the reminder, crying out loud on your computer monitor. Whenever you’re reminded by ClocX or any alarm software, bare in mind: it’s your call. You can’t turn back the hands of time or buy spare time. Time is gold, and for me, so is ClocX.

If you’re having difficulty downloading from ClocX’s website then go to download.com from which I discovered my friendly reminder.

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