Sunday, October 3, 2010

Trick and Treat

Till this day I use Google to delve the Internet; whatever topic I’m baffled or interested, I always run to Google. Similarly, my sister love this famous search engine, but she now has greater affection because she received two days ago her first payment in Google Adsense, after a year of blogging. She fortunately was not asked so many questions unlike other Filipino bloggers. In the Philippines many are still not aware of this opportunity to earn online, and if they do some didn’t push hard enough to reach the payout, simply because of lack of time—working in the office and upbringing one’s child seem like a handful already.

Our 3 dogs and 2 puppies will be delighted with the treat paid through my sister’s earnings; She and I typically spend the money we earn online to our pets and sometimes by watching movie and eating scrumptious meal (which means not a fast food meal). Harness for Buchie, meat sawdust, chewbone, and shampoo are among the stuffs we’re supposed to buy for them.

My sister and I will go out next week to purchase these doggie necessities and of course she has to treat me also. I did treat her last year when we watched New Moon. Maybe this November it’s her turn—I may watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1) for free. For that to happen I still have to persuade and be extra (extra) nice to her. I already made a proposal to which she reply: “You have to pay it later.” Just what I expected! A counter response is what I need, “I’ll pay you with profitable keywords.” She just laughed though I’m serious. She’s earning every day with her Google Adsense; probably in two months or more, she can reach the payout. Yehey!

Our five dogs, swaying their tails, and I will cheer her. I have to work hard so as to make money online like my blogging-savvy sister. I did joke once: if she had amnesia she might forget the ABC but not the SEO, the essential skill to online success.

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